Welcome to Shulterm

Know where your shipments are every step of the way as your goods move safely and securely from the Port of Montreal and Montreal CN and CP rail terminals through customs clearance, and on to their destinations.

Shulterm is your full service provider to handle ocean freight and transport goods for daily delivery by truck in the greater metropolitan Montreal area and overnight between the Montreal-Toronto corridor. We offer integrated warehousing and transport services through our Shulterm customs bonded sufferance warehouse and Shultrans Canadian customs bonded carrier fleet.

Our PARS-able network allows us to expedite the release or referral process with the Canada Border Services Agency and receive customs entry confirmations electronically. Everything from pickup to warehousing, consolidation and transportation is handled by Shulterm. Our secure interactive tracking system gives our customers complete visibility of their shipments with 24-hour secure online access to comprehensive tracking details, including pictures.

Our 90 years of experience in the freight forwarding industry, personalized service, proprietary online tracking system, and competitive rates have made Shulterm a top warehousing and carrier service provider in the Montreal area.

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